Beach Areas - Overview

People email quite often asking for advice about which beach area is best. The truthful answer is all of them because Beach Areas 1-6 are really just one long beach arbitrarily divided into numbered sections, but my advice would change depending on what amenities you'd like to have close by. For example, Beaches 2-4 have lovely shade trees and areas where you can safely BBQ for a family picnic. There is also a bike trail for active people and a playground for kids. Beach 1 has all the bars, touristy beach-themed knick-knack shops and fast food restaurants which tends to appeal to young adults but it also has the splash pad, burgers and ice cream which would definitely appeal to kids. 

Beach areas 5 & 6 are areas where you will find more seasonal cottage owners, as well as a few locals like myself who live in cottages which have been converted for year-round use. If you enjoy quieter pursuits such as a scenic walk down Shore Lane Rd, jogging, biking, roller blading and garden watching, these areas are for you. All of these areas have the same safe, shallow water that Wasaga Beach is famous for. 

New Wasaga and Allenwood would qualify as beaches in their own right as they are cut off from the 1-6 areas by the mouth of the river but they are no less popular for seasonal residents and tourists alike. New Wasaga is a place where the beach feels like it goes on forever and Allenwood is a beautiful little beach town to the north of Wasaga. 

My point is that each area has it's own charm. They are all scenic and ideal for just the right visitor. It's best if you assess what your needs are and pick an area that can accommodate those for you. 

The maps below show you where the entrance is for each beach area. Provincial Parking lots are available at each beach area. There may also be Municipal and/or private parking lots nearby which might be a bit cheaper. See my parking page in the FAQ section of this website for more info about parking. 

If you would like more information about each Beach Area - simply click the image of your choice to learn more about that area.

Beach Area 1 Beach Area 2 Beach Area 3
Beach Area 2 Beach Area 3 
Beach Area 4 Beach Area 5 Beach Area 6
Beach Area 4 Beach Area 5 Beach Area 6
Beach Area - New Wasaga   Beach Area - Allenwood
Beach Area: New Wasaga   Beach Area: Allenwood Beach

Beach Areas General Information

Barrier Free
Available at all comfort stations, the Park Office, the Wasaga Trail Centre, the Welcome Centre, and specific areas of the Nancy Island Historic site.

Boat Launch
A provincial park boat launch can be found in Beach Area 1 at the far east end of the parking lot, and a municipal boat launch is located adjacent to the Wasaga Beach Welcome Centre parking lot.

Canoe launches are located at Schooner Town Heritage Site (off Oxbow Dr.) and at the Wasaga Sports Park (Klondike Park Road).

Comfort Station
Comfort stations are located in Beach Areas 1 through 6. Vault privies are available at Allenwood and New Wasaga Beaches. No shower or change facilities are available.

Flush Toilets

Flush toilets are located at the Beach Areas 1 through 6 comfort stations, the Wasaga Beach Welcome Centre, and at Wasaga Trail Centre during the winter months.

Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) are also available for a refundable deposit. PFDs are available at the gatehouses located at Beach Areas 1 through 6. All-terrain wheelchairs are available at the Park Office on a first-come, first-served basis (a refundable deposit is required).

Visitor Centre
A Welcome Centre is located at the Nancy Island Historic Site on Mosley Street (Beach 2).
The Welcome Centre houses a gift shop, tourist information, washrooms and information relating to both Nancy Island and Wasaga Beach’s rich natural and cultural history.