Beach Area - New Wasaga

New Wasaga is cut off from Beach Areas 1-6 by the Nottawasaga river which gives it a distinctly unique feeling. This is an area of charming cottages, long time or transplanted residents who sought a quieter lifestyle. Unlike other areas of Wasaga Beach it has no access to Mosley Street. Rather it's a scenic drive down River Road East - past several commercial cottage courts and a marina. Tucked away down a quiet street you will find the public access to the New Wasaga area. 


There are a few newer developments in this area but nothing large scale. It retains that natural "up north" feeling because it is less developed than other parts of Wasaga Beach. The beach here consists of white sand and natural grasses.  It's really lovely. 

This area is marked by tall cedar trees which give the entire neighbourhood a woodsy feeling. The pine scent carries along the warm breeze especially at night or after a rainstorm.

As you might notice from the map, there are less amenities, but there are also less people, less beach enforcement, less traffic and less of a feeling that you are in the middle of a thriving town. The area feels bohemian. VW camper van not included. 

The image below shows where the amenities are located for Beach 5. 

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New Wasaga