Beach Area 6

Beach Area 6 was once a small community called "Brock's Beach" and although it's difficult to tell by looking at it today, there were farms in this area. It would have been isolated from the action of Beach Area 1 but it has been attracting seasonal cottage owners and locals for at least 60 years. 


I have lived here at Beach 6 for over 20 years and I have watched it evolve from an area with ramshackle, handyman-built cottages to an area with brand new sub-divisions and commercial developments. Not all the changes have been welcome but they were inevitable. 

Once an area of affordable cottages for working class families, today the beach is lined with million dollar homes. It reminds me of Toronto's Kew Beach area in the 1960's and 1970's when hippies and artists were slowly replaced by multi-millionaires who found the area irresistible. Just off the beach, there are still some bargain cottages to be had here. A combination of narrow lots and loyal (or stubborn) home or cottage owners will keep this area from fully gentrifying for a long time yet. 

Now and then, as I discovered for myself, our farming history resurfaces. When having some work done in my crawlspace, a workman found a 100 year old (at least) yoke - the kind that an ox would pull to till the land. I still don't know what to do with it. 

Today, Beach Area 6 is a lovely, quiet area for a vacation. The natural surroundings, expansive beach which features the same warm and shallow water for which we are famous is highly coveted by new and older residents. And, this area offers the added bonus of being a short drive to Collingwood for expanded opportunities in nightlife, restaurants and of course winter activities and access (within walking distance) to the Carly Patterson trail. 

The image below shows where the amenities are located for Beach 6. 

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Beach Area 6