Customer Comments

Here are just some of the wonderful comments that have been sent to me by my valued clients.

(photo: Darlene Watters receives EDCO award for Town of Wasaga Beach website.)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the continuous, quality design and programming you have offered Hawaiian Tropic Suncare. I have sent you reference and copy for the past few years and you have always managed to decipher the volume of information resulting in the creation of a user-friendly website for our consumers to enjoy. Keep up the great work!

Kim Galloway, Promotions and Public Relations,

Tanning Research Laboratories, Inc. Canadian Division. London, Ontario.



Last year, we had an 'ad page' produced by you in and it worked, we thought, fairly well. This year, you worked with us and designed a multi-page site that has produced amazing results. In 2003, we were 50% booked for the summer by the end of May. This year, we had reached that by the first week of April! 99% of our new bookings have been through the internet and visits to our site.

Jim and I were very delighted with the layout, design and especially the 'slide show'. It didn't take long to learn others were impressed by it as well. Most who booked with us commented initially about the site and how they liked the look of it.

It's not only the design that we've appreciated. The followup service has been fabulous. Once we went live, we would think of something new or a twist on an idea already on the site. You stuck with us patiently through a number of edits. Each week, we have updates to the vacancy schedule which you do for us within 24 hours every time!

Thank you for your brilliant design and for your ongoing patience and support.

Lynda Reeves - Birch Haven by the Beach. Wasaga Beach, Ontario.


To attract my target professional client base from 35+ countries via a web site is no small task. The best business decision I have made since opening my firm was to retain Darlene Watters, an exceptionally talented web designer. I rely on her advanced technical skill-set which handles key-word driven search engine submission/optimization functions. For sophisticated, content management sites like mine, I have set the industry standard. My colleagues have also realized the value in hiring Darlene from to plan dynamic, well-formatted and inviting web sites. I want a quality site appealing to a well educated, discerning crowd. Thanks to Darlene, I have one.

Audrey Field, CRW, BA, BEd., Wasaga Beach, Ontario.


We appreciate your services very much - for many years now. We recommend you to everyone who asks. You answer our e-mails instantly which is great. We are very happy with the way to handle our website.

Ellie Breitenfeld - Saga Resort. Wasaga Beach, Ontario.