Local cottage rentals will ask you to bring your own linens. This is a practice that is as old as time here in Wasaga Beach. It seems counter-intuitive to ask guests to bring linens for beds that are "double" when all you have in your own home are queen sized beds. So why do they do it?  

I'm not here to make excuses for this practice. I think it's high time rentals in Wasaga Beach bit the bullet and recognized that the rental cost should include any linen service they might have to hire, but I do understand why the practice is still popular. 

Rentals in Wasaga Beach tend to be very small Mom & Pop type operations with just a few units each. You won't be renting from real estate millionaires or from corporate lodging providers with an office and bank account in the Cayman Islands. The cottage owner, more often than not, lives off site. They don't have washing machines on the premise and linen services tend to be costly. Budget concious guests can be picky and they want the best price they can get even if it barely covers the cost of doing business. All of these things contribute to this bring-your-own-linen habit.  There is no daily or even weekly maid service in cottage rentals like one could expect of a hotel or motel. You are essentially renting someone's summer house. 

My best advice is to bring flat sheets from home rather than trying to make do with fitted sheets that might be the wrong size. Don't assume that there will be blankets and pillows as it can vary from rental to rental. Ask questions before giving your deposit. 

Many cottage owners will also ask you to leave the place as you found it. That means, cleaning your own unit and taking out the trash. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your damage deposit.

Know the rules before you confirm your booking. There is no recourse should you be unhappy with your transaction.