The Non-Refundable Booking Deposit System

This seems to come as a surprise to many visitors and it is the source of our angriest letters. Yes, many cottages and motels/hotels will ask for a non-refundable deposit. Once you book your vacation, there is no cancelling without penalty.

It's shocking how many Aunts/Grandmothers/Uncles/Brothers etc., suddenly fall ill every time it rains in Wasaga Beach. You cannot weave a tale to generate sympathy into getting your deposit back. These accommodation owners have heard every imaginable excuse.

Wasaga Beach is a weather dependent town. Business is bad when it rains. Plain and simple. So if you are opposed to the idea of somebody keeping your deposit and you think that if it rains, you may cancel your vacation, don't book ahead. Instead, drive up here and see if you can find a vacancy. It may prove a challenge to find a vacancy on a long weekend but most other weeks there are vacancies to be found.

Remember especially when you are booking a cottage that you are reserving an entire building for your own personal use. It's no different than booking a hall for a wedding only to be left standing alone at the altar. The banquet hall will still expect to be paid. The cottage owner has to have some protection against you changing your mind on a whim. In the time you took to decide to cancel your vacation, he/she turned down 50 other interested renters who had no intention of cancelling. Be fair with the accommodation providers and they should be fair with you. 

If you have lost a booking deposit and you don't believe it was justified, call the Chamber of Commerce at 705-429-2247 if they are a member. Also call the Town of Wasaga Beach by-law department at 705-429-3844. Don't be quiet if you think you have been mistreated.