Where to Park

ParkingThere are 3 types of parking lots in Wasaga Beach: Provincial, Municipal and Private. It's good to know which is which as they can be priced quite differently.

My best advice is to grab a Municipal spot as they tend to be the least expensive, and there is no danger that you will be towed so long as your receipt is clearly displayed in your car window. On long weekends, these spots can be taken up quickly so arrive early enough to get a decent spot. It you haven't been to Wasaga Beach in a few years, you might believe that parking will be difficult - as it once was, but spaces have been increased to address any past problems. The only real issue is what you will pay.

I do not have much info on private lots due the their varied nature. You may see businesses which allow visitors to park on busy days for just $5. Some businesses include parking for paying customers. Do be aware that some of these businesses are serious about the "pay" part. They may tow you if you do not comply which would be an expensive and inconvenient day. Do not assume that if you do not see a sign, it's okay to park. Parking overnight anywhere without permission can get you in trouble.

Most accommodations have enough parking for their own visitors but occasionally you need more spots than they can provide. Most of these lots do not allow for overnight stays. However, I have found most businesses to be quite accommodating. If you ask nicely and offer to pay for the privilege, many will help you out.

Provincial Park Seasonal Passes:

The Parking Pass procedure changed somewhat. There is no online purchase area that I am aware of, but you can buy Day or Seasonal Passes directly at the park gate houses.

The Prices areĀ as follows: *updated yearly

Seasonal pass: - $95.25 + HST ($107.63)

Day passes regular:

  • $20 weekend
  • $16 Weekday

Day passes seniors:

  • $13 weekday
  • $16 weekend

Disabled parking:

  • $8 weekday
  • $10 weekend

Municipal Parking Lots

  • $2 per hour (HST included)
  • $10 for the day (HST included)
  • Residential: $ 33.90

Municipal Parking Lot Locations:

  • Spruce Street Lot at 17 Spruce Street
  • First Street Parking Lot at 80 Mosley Street
  • Fourth Street Lot at 154 Mosley Street
  • Municipal Office Lot at 30 Lewis Street
  • Nancy Lot at 137 Mosley Street
  • Third Street Lot at 123 Beach Drive
  • Playland Lot at 40 Mosley Street
  • Main Street Parking Lot at 130 Main Street
  • Mall Lot at 3 Main Street
  • Dunkerron Avenue Lot at 16 Dunkerron Avenue
  • 24th Street Lot at 31 - 24th Street* (valid only for Residential Parking Permit holders) * NEW LOT since 2013*

If you have any questions that are not answered here, these are your contacts:
The Provincial Park contact number is 705-429-2516
Town of Wasaga Beach By-Law Department at 705-429-2511