In recent years we have seen more eco-travel businesses springing up, especially out of the ritzy Blue Mountain area. You can now rent hummers, atv's and yes - helicopters to take in the incredible scenery of this area.

Helicopters are not always good news. If you see one scanning the Bay, it generally means that they are looking for someone who has gone missing. It seems to happen several times during the summer season. 

On the lighter side, if you hear an engine overhead, it may also be one of the vintage airplanes coming from the Collingwood airport or Edenvale (hwy 26). There is a classic airplane foundation based out of Collingwood who will now and then schedule some flights in the area. They are always a joy to see. Click here for their website.

There is a military base just south of Wasaga Beach. Sometimes you will see military helicopters, jets and other military planes flying over Wasaga Beach. Generally speaking though - the skies above Wasaga Beach are usually pretty quiet.