Sediment on the Beach 

It's been not-so-affectionately labelled "Beach Muck".

Beach grassBeach muck is a sediment called "Detritus"which is decaying vegetation that washes up on our shores from time to time. It is harmless if not a little off-putting as it can smell very pungent. I do want to emphasize that most of the time the shoreline is clean and clear of muck but sometimes, especially after a particularly wind-swept night, the muck will wash up on shore. It does get removed by the Parks Department but sometimes not fast enough to suit some people.

It has caused controversy within the town as some people think that any muck is a turn-off for tourists but I have my own thoughts about this. Nature is not so easily controlled. They can spend thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to remove it, sending it to landfills but it is the natural ebb and flow of the lake. And although I am no expert on these matters, I suspect that it has a purpose; perhaps a food source for some species. 

I have a difficult time understanding why anyone would desire a vacation away from the city but be so squeamish about real nature. This is no different than seaweed, or a leaves falling from a tree.

But regardless of whether there is a layer of guck at the edge of the shore or not, the water IS clean. In fact, Wasaga Beach enjoys "Blue Flag" designation. Blue Flag is a program which monitors water quality and awards only those beaches who meet with a set of strict criteria.