What?I don't know.
This question has always confused me. It's like asking "what's the address of Toronto?"

I could be really silly and give the answer in latitude and longitude but I think the question is really "how do I get there?"

For the benefit of those who have never been here, let me explain that Wasaga Beach is not just a beach, it's an entire town. The Town has a population of approximately 18,000. We are about an hour north of Toronto. The beach is 14 kilometres long.

Setting your GPS to get here

If you are trying to set your GPS to guide you to Wasaga Beach, your best bet is to direct it to 1st street, Wasaga Beach. That will take you right to Main Street and Mosley which is at the heart of Beach Area 1. 

As a guideline, the layout of the town is as follows:

Mosley Street is the main street which runs from east to west through town. Most of the streets which run north/south along Mosley are numbered which makes it very easy to navigate. The numbers start at 1st Street at Beach 1 and go as high as 75th as you go west (towards Collingwood).

Some key areas from east to west are:

  • River Road West - Daisy Mart Bus Stop
  • Main Street - Stonebridge Plaza (aka Stonebridge Town Centre)
  • River Road East - goes to New Wasaga, Allenwood Beach,
    Tiny Beaches Road - goes to Woodland Beach, Tiny Township, Bluewater Beach, Wymbolwood Beach and ends at Balm Beach
    1st Street - Beach 1
  • 29th Street - Riverbend Plaza
  • 45th Street - Beach 6, Superstore and Canadian Tire
  • 71st Street - Hwy 26 to Stayner or Collingwood (the roundabout)

Some things are better seen than explained, so here is a link to Google Maps to show you exactly where Wasaga Beach is.