Coffee In Wasaga Beach

Coffee, like wine is difficult to rate. My picks will most definitely not be the same as yours but for my money, the best coffee in Wasaga Beach is found in the smaller restaurants. I'll list the places which are popular with many Canadians, followed by the places I personally visit.

Dedicated Coffee Chains:

There are several franchise coffee locations in town. I'll let you argue over whether that coffee is good or not.

  • Tim Horton's - Riverbend Plaza (Mosley and River Road West)
  • Tim Horton's - 45th Street and Mosley
  • Tim Horton's - Stonebridge Town Centre
  • Coffee Time - River Road (across from Stonebridge Town Centre)
  • Great Canadian Superstore has a reasonable facsimile of something that can be called coffee (45th and Mosley Streets)

Restaurants with good coffee:

  • Little Marina at 828 Mosley Street has good cappuccino
  • Goodie's Cafe¬†
  • Lux European Deli (in the Domino's plaza)
  • McDonald's - Riverview Plaza. I know you'll think I'm nuts but I like the McD's coffee better than most of the other chains. I know it's not as good as what I can make at home, but it's hot, priced well and tastes okay.
  • There are some very good private restaurants here that serve coffee, but I have not mentioned them because this list is mainly of the types of places you can stop in just for coffee, rather than a sit down meal.¬†

If you are one of those people who just has to have Starbucks, the closest location is in Collingwood at 65 First Street.
There is also a Starbucks in the Village at Blue and if you are on your way to Wasaga Beach, you can find one in the Georgian Mall in Barrie, ON or on Mapleview Drive in the Wal-Mart plaza and inside the Chapter's book store (these are across the street from each other). We do not have a Starbucks here in Wasaga Beach *yet*.