This is a funny question because I have heard complaints from time to time about bugs in cottages. Everyone's definition of an infestation is different.
I can say without hesitation that I have never seen a cockroach in this town. The kind of bugs you can expect to enter a hotel room or cottage are generally native to this area. You may expect tiny common ants, carpenter ants, moths, spiders, flies, fruit flies blackflies, horseflies, ladybugs, earwigs, wasps, june bugs, bees and not much else. None of these insects can be attributed to unclean conditions (unless the flies are an infestation).

I get really annoyed when I hear about some traveller who will give a cottage owner a hard time about ants on a kitchen countertop. The little ants or fruit flies we see here are natural to this area and you cannot be clean enough to be rid of them. If you leave a few grains of sugar on a countertop - they will come! It is nobody's fault.

If you are concerned about infestations, the best way to know for sure is to check inside cupboards for what looks like specs of pepper. I am guessing that in Wasaga Beach you will not find this as roaches are not common. Spiders can be a little annoying sometimes as they build nests overnight and while creepy, they are only trying to catch small flies. Again, this is not a cleanliness issue.

You must bear in mind that Wasaga Beach is "up north". We have many of the same insects that you might expect to find in Muskoka, except ours are much smaller. The further north you go in cottage country, the bigger the bugs. I have stepped on things that felt like small skateboards, but never in Wasaga Beach.

Enjoy your trip and don't worry about insects. If you are not allergic, none of these will hurt you.