Are tents allowed on the beach?

Overnight camping is not allowed.

You are allowed to use a tent to block out the sun and many people do set up small tents for that purpose but setting up a tent to avoid too much sun, or to catch a daytime nap is very different than overnight camping. 

There are several campgrounds in the area which allow tents. Check the Tourist Directory >Campgrounds page from the top menu to search for a campground. You can narrow down campgrounds that are tent friendly by adjusting the search filter.

Is the lake water safe?

How do I find out if the water is safe for swimming?

As long as I have lived here (20+ years), the beach at Wasaga Beach has never been shut down for poor water quality. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be vigilant and do your own research before visiting. As Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is a Blue Flag beach, our water quality is strictly monitored. Water quality varies at each beach area which means beach area one may be very different than beach area five. It never hurts to check the Blue Flag website before your visit.

Here are the direct links for various beach areas on the Blue Flag Beach website. 


If any links are broken, please contact me to let me know. 

What are those helicopters?


In recent years we have seen more eco-travel businesses springing up, especially out of the ritzy Blue Mountain area. You can now rent hummers, atv's and yes - helicopters to take in the incredible scenery of this area.

Helicopters are not always good news. If you see one scanning the Bay, it generally means that they are looking for someone who has gone missing. It seems to happen several times during the summer season. 

On the lighter side, if you hear an engine overhead, it may also be one of the vintage airplanes coming from the Collingwood airport or Edenvale (hwy 26). There is a classic airplane foundation based out of Collingwood who will now and then schedule some flights in the area. They are always a joy to see. Click here for their website.

There is a military base just south of Wasaga Beach. Sometimes you will see military helicopters, jets and other military planes flying over Wasaga Beach. Generally speaking though - the skies above Wasaga Beach are usually pretty quiet.

What is that Yucky Sludge near the Water?

Sediment on the Beach 

It's been not-so-affectionately labelled "Beach Muck".

Beach grassBeach muck is a sediment called "Detritus"which is decaying vegetation that washes up on our shores from time to time. It is harmless if not a little off-putting as it can smell very pungent. I do want to emphasize that most of the time the shoreline is clean and clear of muck but sometimes, especially after a particularly wind-swept night, the muck will wash up on shore. It does get removed by the Parks Department but sometimes not fast enough to suit some people.

It has caused controversy within the town as some people think that any muck is a turn-off for tourists but I have my own thoughts about this. Nature is not so easily controlled. They can spend thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to remove it, sending it to landfills but it is the natural ebb and flow of the lake. And although I am no expert on these matters, I suspect that it has a purpose; perhaps a food source for some species. 

I have a difficult time understanding why anyone would desire a vacation away from the city but be so squeamish about real nature. This is no different than seaweed, or a leaves falling from a tree.

But regardless of whether there is a layer of guck at the edge of the shore or not, the water IS clean. In fact, Wasaga Beach enjoys "Blue Flag" designation. Blue Flag is a program which monitors water quality and awards only those beaches who meet with a set of strict criteria. 

Where is the best coffee?

Coffee In Wasaga Beach

Coffee, like wine is difficult to rate. My picks will most definitely not be the same as yours but for my money, the best coffee in Wasaga Beach is found in the smaller restaurants. I'll list the places which are popular with many Canadians, followed by the places I personally visit.

Dedicated Coffee Chains:

There are several franchise coffee locations in town. I'll let you argue over whether that coffee is good or not.

  • Tim Horton's - Riverbend Plaza (Mosley and River Road West)
  • Tim Horton's - 45th Street and Mosley
  • Tim Horton's - Stonebridge Town Centre
  • Coffee Time - River Road (across from Stonebridge Town Centre)
  • Great Canadian Superstore has a reasonable facsimile of something that can be called coffee (45th and Mosley Streets)

Restaurants with good coffee:

  • Little Marina at 828 Mosley Street has good cappuccino
  • Goodie's Cafe 
  • Lux European Deli (in the Domino's plaza)
  • McDonald's - Riverview Plaza. I know you'll think I'm nuts but I like the McD's coffee better than most of the other chains. I know it's not as good as what I can make at home, but it's hot, priced well and tastes okay.
  • There are some very good private restaurants here that serve coffee, but I have not mentioned them because this list is mainly of the types of places you can stop in just for coffee, rather than a sit down meal. 

If you are one of those people who just has to have Starbucks, the closest location is in Collingwood at 65 First Street.
There is also a Starbucks in the Village at Blue and if you are on your way to Wasaga Beach, you can find one in the Georgian Mall in Barrie, ON or on Mapleview Drive in the Wal-Mart plaza and inside the Chapter's book store (these are across the street from each other). We do not have a Starbucks here in Wasaga Beach *yet*.

What's The Address of Wasaga Beach?

What?I don't know.
This question has always confused me. It's like asking "what's the address of Toronto?"

I could be really silly and give the answer in latitude and longitude but I think the question is really "how do I get there?"

For the benefit of those who have never been here, let me explain that Wasaga Beach is not just a beach, it's an entire town. The Town has a population of approximately 18,000. We are about an hour north of Toronto. The beach is 14 kilometres long.

Setting your GPS to get here

If you are trying to set your GPS to guide you to Wasaga Beach, your best bet is to direct it to 1st street, Wasaga Beach. That will take you right to Main Street and Mosley which is at the heart of Beach Area 1. 

As a guideline, the layout of the town is as follows:

Mosley Street is the main street which runs from east to west through town. Most of the streets which run north/south along Mosley are numbered which makes it very easy to navigate. The numbers start at 1st Street at Beach 1 and go as high as 75th as you go west (towards Collingwood).

Some key areas from east to west are:

  • River Road West - Daisy Mart Bus Stop
  • Main Street - Stonebridge Plaza (aka Stonebridge Town Centre)
  • River Road East - goes to New Wasaga, Allenwood Beach,
    Tiny Beaches Road - goes to Woodland Beach, Tiny Township, Bluewater Beach, Wymbolwood Beach and ends at Balm Beach
    1st Street - Beach 1
  • 29th Street - Riverbend Plaza
  • 45th Street - Beach 6, Superstore and Canadian Tire
  • 71st Street - Hwy 26 to Stayner or Collingwood (the roundabout)

Some things are better seen than explained, so here is a link to Google Maps to show you exactly where Wasaga Beach is.

Parking at the beach

Where to Park

ParkingThere are 3 types of parking lots in Wasaga Beach: Provincial, Municipal and Private. It's good to know which is which as they can be priced quite differently.

My best advice is to grab a Municipal spot as they tend to be the least expensive, and there is no danger that you will be towed so long as your receipt is clearly displayed in your car window. On long weekends, these spots can be taken up quickly so arrive early enough to get a decent spot. It you haven't been to Wasaga Beach in a few years, you might believe that parking will be difficult - as it once was, but spaces have been increased to address any past problems. The only real issue is what you will pay.

I do not have much info on private lots due the their varied nature. You may see businesses which allow visitors to park on busy days for just $5. Some businesses include parking for paying customers. Do be aware that some of these businesses are serious about the "pay" part. They may tow you if you do not comply which would be an expensive and inconvenient day. Do not assume that if you do not see a sign, it's okay to park. Parking overnight anywhere without permission can get you in trouble.

Most accommodations have enough parking for their own visitors but occasionally you need more spots than they can provide. Most of these lots do not allow for overnight stays. However, I have found most businesses to be quite accommodating. If you ask nicely and offer to pay for the privilege, many will help you out.

Provincial Park Seasonal Passes:

The Parking Pass procedure changed somewhat. There is no online purchase area that I am aware of, but you can buy Day or Seasonal Passes directly at the park gate houses.

The Prices are as follows: *updated yearly

Seasonal pass: - $95.25 + HST ($107.63)

Day passes regular:

  • $20 weekend
  • $16 Weekday

Day passes seniors:

  • $13 weekday
  • $16 weekend

Disabled parking:

  • $8 weekday
  • $10 weekend

Municipal Parking Lots

  • $2 per hour (HST included)
  • $10 for the day (HST included)
  • Residential: $ 33.90

Municipal Parking Lot Locations:

  • Spruce Street Lot at 17 Spruce Street
  • First Street Parking Lot at 80 Mosley Street
  • Fourth Street Lot at 154 Mosley Street
  • Municipal Office Lot at 30 Lewis Street
  • Nancy Lot at 137 Mosley Street
  • Third Street Lot at 123 Beach Drive
  • Playland Lot at 40 Mosley Street
  • Main Street Parking Lot at 130 Main Street
  • Mall Lot at 3 Main Street
  • Dunkerron Avenue Lot at 16 Dunkerron Avenue
  • 24th Street Lot at 31 - 24th Street* (valid only for Residential Parking Permit holders) * NEW LOT since 2013*

If you have any questions that are not answered here, these are your contacts:
The Provincial Park contact number is 705-429-2516
Town of Wasaga Beach By-Law Department at 705-429-2511

Can I Get To Wasaga Beach By Bus?


Click Here for the Greyhound Bus Schedules and Prices.

Buses arrive and leave from Wasaga Beach every day (holidays excepted).

The best place to catch the bus is Daisy Mart (formerly Gatherall's General Store) on the East side of the Beach which is walking distance from Beach 1 on Main Street.  Their phone # is: 705-429-4575.

To avoid any confusion, be aware that the Wasaga West stop seems to have been eliminated. It was listed on the Greyhound site in 2011 but the drivers did not stop to load or unload passengers at that time. The site now lists Stayner as a stop which isn't much help to those who wish to get on or off the bus in Wasaga's west end.

Contact Greyhound: Fare and schedule information - 1-800-661-TRIP (8747)

Are dogs allowed on the beach?

dogs on the beachNo and Yes.

Dogs are allowed at Beach 3 (22nd Street) but not at any other area. It is denoted by a fenced area.
Be aware that the regular rules regarding dogs should be observed. Owners must keep their dogs leashed and pick up after them. They are allowed in the water.

Alternatively, there is a fenced doggy area beside the Wasaga Beach RecPlex at 1724 Mosley Street. It is well treed and cool even on some of the hottest days.

If you have any further questions, you should call the Park Office : 705-429-2516. 

Are there any walk-in medical clinics?

There are no walk in clinics in Wasaga Beach but if you have a non-emergency medical situation, you can drive to Collingwood which is only 15 minutes away.

186 Erie St, Suite 100
Collingwood, ON L9Y 4T3