Local By-Laws

So you are renting a cottage in Wasaga Beach for a week in the summer and you have visions of relaxing by a bonfire in the backyard. For health and safety most municipalities have banned leisure fires and the burning of leaves and other materials.

Exactly when are you allowed to set off fireworks?

You and 50 of your closest friends are planning a graduation party. Will you get into trouble for making too much noise?


It's rare for the local by-law officers to issue tickets to first-time offenders, but it's still no fun to be chastised by uniform-wearing officials.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly referenced by-laws for tourists.

  • Fire by-law (includes back-yard leisure fires, camp cooking and fireworks)
  • Noise by-law
  • Parking by-law
  • Fishing or jumping from bridges

The by-laws can be found on the Town of Wasaga Beach website - here.