Beach Area 2

Beach Area 2Beach Area 2 is often confused for Beach Area 1. The entrance is at the base of 3rd Street N., and there is a boardwalk which begins there. I mentioned in the overview page that beach areas 1-6 are really just one long beach divided in name only. It's easy to think you are still in one area when you have entered another. 

The sand and water are just a few steps away from the commercial rentals that dot the edge of Mosley Street throughout Beach Area 2. This makes Beach Area 2 popular with weekly renters but you'll also find day-trippers who bring their own BBQ's with the goal of finding a good picnic spot where they can enjoy the view of the beach and the boardwalk. 

The beauty of Beach 2 is that you are still very close to the action - the nightclubs, the shops, the entertainment, but there is some green space should the sun become a bit overwhelming. This is an area where many go for family reunions as there are picnic tables available and places where you can BBQ without bothering other people. 

Nancy Island Historic Museum is on Mosley Street and 3rd Street N at Beach Area 2. Nancy Island was created when the HMS Nancy sank during the War of 1812. You can see some artifacts from the Nancy and from that era as well as the grave of an unknown soldier who died during the battle. But, in my opinion, the real reason to visit Nancy Island is to enjoy the softly blowing willow trees and the best view of the Nottawasaga River from the vantage point of the top of the Lighthouse. 

The image below shows where the amenities are located for Beach 2.  

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Beach Area 2