Groovistico Ballistico - 2006

2006 - Rick Lazaroff - Groovistico Ballistico

Oh yes. And it's about time. I recorded this masterpiece on and off during 2005 (for those who do not know me well, I can be quite mordant at times). It's all instrumental and mostly improvised. I  played fretted and fretless bass, guitar, synths and did all the drum and percussion programming. I enlisted the help of a couple of comrades (Pete Swann -Guitars, Joe Lagan - Keyboards) You could say it's a fusion/ industrial/ ambient/ jazz/ rock soundscape type of recording. It does not sound as ugly as I first envisioned it. I hope there is enough tasty bass stuff there for all who have waited and listened to me pound out the eight notes for vocal power pop tunes in the past. However, it certainly is not a bass solo fest kind of thing. That would have been too easy. I just might resort to that for my 2nd outing which should be out by late 2007. One thing for sure; it does not sound remotely like anything I have done in the past. I actually quite like it.  I owe a big favour to Mr. Pete Swann for his amazing improvisations and mastering job. A magician in front or behind a mixing board.

2001 - Open Maximus

Wide Open - Recorded live in 1978 either out by the Mohawk racetrack or at the Edwin Hotel on Queen Street E. Wide Open was a cover band that I played in a couple of years before forming Santers. The band featured Al Staniforth (lead vocals, flute) and Tom Wells (drums) who were just finishing a stint in "Lighthouse" (one of Canada's great bands of the 60's and 70's), myself on bass and childhood buddy Barry Pausey (Cinema Face) on a double necked Gibson S.G. (ala Mahavishnu John McLaughlin).

Al "back and forth" Staniforth was also lead vocalist/founding member of one of Canada's original prog/ fusion/ rock bands "Audiomaster" during the early 70's. We played mostly cover material ranging from Peter Gabriel, Gentle Giant to The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. There are three originals on this disc that were either written by Mr. Pausey or co-written with myself and Al. It was a simpler time back in the late 70's and we always had a blast doing our gigs. What I remember the most and what comes to mind when listening to this disk is tube amplification. It's powerful, warm and grinding, just like the ads say.

This C.D. was re-mastered by me from a cassette tape and doesn't sound that bad all things considering. I do have a few copies for any collectors that would like to own a piece of Canadiana rock or any Santers fan that want everything available that we recorded. 

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2000 - Cold Fusion ( The Best Of )

Santers - It's finally here! The albums everyone's been waiting for. The very best of SANTERS on one CD. This CD fuses the bands best 12 tracks from their first four studio albums, plus 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks and rare photos exclusive to this release. The musical alchemy includes: Can't Shake You, Mistreatin' Heart, All Right Now, Road to Morocco, Winter Freeze, Shot Down in Flames, You Turn Me On, Time After Time and many more tracks from their "Top Secrecy" album, previously only available in the SANTERS IV - Box Set. You can order this CD and more at www.santers.com.

Top Secrecy

1999 - Top Secrecy

Santers -The long lost "Top Secrecy" recording has been released in Germany by Point Music & AOR Heaven.  Released in 1998 in Japan as part of the 4 CD box set, Santers IV, this release includes 4 live bonus tracks recorded May 1st 1982 at the Queensbury Arms, Toronto, Canada.


1998 - Originals

Orhan Demir Trio -A compilation release of material from several Demir releases including two cuts from "Windmill" featuring myself on fretless bass and Jack Vorvis on drums. More guitar wizardry from Turkish/Canadian jazzer. Includes tracks with Neil Swainson on bass and Barry Elmes on drums and some solo pieces by Orhan.

Santers IV

1998 - Santers IV

Santers -Hey, how about this! A Box Set Release of all the original Santers' studio recordings plus something from the vault. This collection includes "Top Secrecy" a never before released studio recording from around '85 or '86, I'm not quite sure, I'll have to check on that one. This collection is ace. Sounds great; looks great. Nice to hear the tunes on "Top Secrecy" since they've been buried for quite some time. Listen (Wav)

1996 - Dancing Off The Deep End

Darlene Watters -Dance, soul, funk, rock recording featuring the lovely and sonically pleasing, Darlene Watters. As well as splitting all songwriting duties with my beauteous partner, I tackle all the synths and percussion machines. There is some real bass thrown in for good measure. This recording was expertly engineered by the portly Steve Negus of Saga fame. You can, and you will dance to this recording. With deep regrets, no mambos were included. Available on cassette only. You can order a copy at a very reasonable cost. Email Us and I will post one to you with great haste.

1st Shot

1995 - 1st Shot And 2nd Shot

Santers -This is a double C.D. re-release of all the Santers recordings excluding the live tracks form Mayday. Digitally re-mastered, this compilation sounds great. Released and distributed by Long Island records in Germany.

2nd Shot

1990 - Windmill

Orhan Demir Trio -This free jazz/fusion album features the immensely talented Orhan Demir on guitar whose style is a mix of Django, McLaughlin and his own middle-eastern flavorings. Fretless bass is heard throughout this album. With four long bass solos in six songs, this album gave me lots of opportunity to show off my improvising abilities. This recording was given outstanding reviews in Option magazine (L.A.), Cadence (N.Y.) and Downbeat magazine. Originally released on Hittite records. Listen(MP3)

Guitar Alley

1984 - Guitar Alley

Santers -Santers last studio album recorded shortly after an exciting cross-Canada tour, opening for Ozzy Osborne in every hockey shrine from coast to coast. This album in my opinion was our strongest effort to date. After four years of solid touring and lots of studio time, the band had definitely matured. Produced by Rik Emmet and engineered by Ed Stone. We all had a blast doing this album. Great vocal and guitar work from Rick Santers. Rhythm master, Mark Santers at his very best; lots of great drum tracks here. Nifty bass and guitar trade-offs in the track High risk. Very tasty bass. This album was released in the U.S., Japan, Europe and of course, Canada. Originally released on Ready Records. Listen (Wav)


1982 - Mayday

Santers -A four song E.P. This album featured 2 live songs and 2 studio songs. The live stuff was recorded at the Queensbury Arms in Toronto, May 1 1982. There's an extended bass solo in the song Time after Time and a very heavy guitar solo extravaganza included here. The band was much more rambunctious in a live setting. Originally released on Ready Records.

Racing Time

1982 - Racing Time

Santers -The 3rd release for the boys. This recording was halted and moved to a different studio mid-stream. However, not enough funds were left so the bed tracks were kept from the original sessions. Despite my reservations about this recording, there are many fine tunes on this album which were a staple of our live shows. This album also sold very well in England, which led to a very successful U.K. tour in the spring of 1983. Originally released on Ready Records. Listen (Wav)

1981 - Lee Aaron Project

Lee Aaron -This album was done with a plethora of musicians including myself, the Santers brothers, Buzz Sherman, Earl Johnson, Rik Emmet, Frank Soda, Billy Wade and a merry cast of thousands. Originally released on Freedom Records.

Shot doen in flames

1980 - Shot Down In Flames

Santers -Santers first release on Ready Records in Canada. This album was also released extensively in Europe. Santers hard driving debut showcases great guitar work from Rick Santers and Groovin' rhythms from Mark Santers and myself. Listen(Wav)