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Karaoke and DJ service. Entertainment for Bars, Nightclubs, Resorts or Private Parties.  Host(s) with over 20 years experience. Over 40,000 tracks! 



SM58 microphoneKaraoke:

Hosted by professional musicians with years of experience, skilled at engaging an audience and promoting participation.

Darlene Watters - CDYour Karaoke Night could be hosted by Rick Lazaroff, a bass player with 10 albums to his credit - or Darlene Watters a seasoned singer who performed in nightclub's and festivals throughout Canada, the U.S., and overseas. Your hosts are serious about providing quality entertainment with professional grade equipment.

We believe that everyone sounds better and performs with more passion when they hear crystal clear, undistorted sound coming from the P.A. system. Don't settle for less!



Specializing in popular music from the 1950's - today. Darlene can provide you with a night of music to suit your occasion. All audio equipment is provided. Resorts, nightclubs, private parties, weddings - from the ceremony to the reception. Discuss your needs with me in advance to ensure that your occasion goes exactly as you dreamed.


mackie p.a.Mackie P.A. DJ & Karaoke Supplemental Information

  • Electricity; a standard 2 outlet receptacle is needed.
  • An unobstructed place to set up.
  • Please indicate whether a table will be available.
  • Appropriate rain/sun shelter is needed if venue is outdoors.


Darlene Watters